TI and Tiny’s daughter could possibly go blind after joining her mother for eye surgery to change her eye colour

Tiny’s Daughter, Zonnique Pullins could possibly go blind after getting a controversial “blue eye” surgery in Africa.

Zonnique and her mother Tiny flew to Tunisia some years back to bypass FDA regulations and get the eye surgery. The surgery, where doctors place a coloured implant to permanently change eye colour, seemed successful at the time but it is beginning to affect Zonnique.


After a recent trip to the eye doctor, TI’s stepdaughter was told that she’s could possibly go blind. Zonnique has since had a series of surgeries to remove the implants. Her left eye implant was removed, and doctors are scheduled to remove the right one in a few weeks. But the right seems to be a bit complicated and could lead to a permanent damage.

Zonnique said on a show while talking about her eye issue:

Doctors told me that ‘you can possibly go blind’.

When a fan, who was considering getting the same procedure, asked Zonnique about it on Instagram, she admitted that the experience came with complications, saying:

I’ve never liked to recommend anyone to do it. I can say that the experience wasn’t the best in the long term but everyone is different.

My mom’s are fine.

In 2014, Tiny opened up to ABC News about her decision to travel to Tunisia to undergo a controversial surgery to permanently change her eye color from brown to “ice gray.”

She said at the time:

They told me the procedure would be quick, like five or ten minutes in my eye. They woke me up and it was very blurry, and then it kind of just fades in. I looked in the mirror and I was like, they’re amazing.

Below is the video of Zonnique talking about her eye problem.




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